All I Feel Is Yes

from by Hot Apparatus



The sound of that makes me inspirational
It makes me want to build something beautiful,
Then I’ll burn it down; I’ll burn it up

I’m inspirational when I’m inside of you
You make me want to go outside of my mind
I’m going places I don’t even try

All that’s left of me is a far away texture,
That’s why:

All I feel is yes, yes, yes (3x)
I'm positively...
All I feel is yes, yes, yes (3x)
I'm absolutely certain

I’m inspirational when you’re inside of me
You make me play a song that goes like this
I’m all tongue-tied, I mean unplugged from my mind
The verse is meaningless and the chorus even less
That’s why:

All I feel is yes, yes, yes...

I've got nothing left, well isn't that something?
I've got something less than feelings left
I've got an urge to scratch, I've got a scratch to give,
I've got something, something, and it feels like, feels like yes!

That’s why the sound of inspiration makes me want to...


from Hot Apparatus, released October 5, 2014
Written by Jason Ferris, Arranged/Produced by Hot Apparatus



all rights reserved


Hot Apparatus Portland, Oregon

Hot Apparatus is an Improv/Pop group from Portland, OR that performs psych-pop compositions as well as in-the-moment fits of improvisational euphoria.

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